Grand Council of Guardians, Inc.


Scholarship Award Program

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The Grand Council through its individual member organizations strive to encourage and maintain community involvement by implementing and participating in events towards building and improving relationships between Law Enforcement and the community. To this end, the implementation of the Scholarship Award program will help to increase the number of African American students the ability to attend college of their choice. The goal of the Scholarship Program is to increase college enrollment by providing awards for students from underrepresented segments of society in need of financial assistance.

This evening we are proud to announce an addition to the Grand Council of Guardians, Inc. Community Outreach Program. As an added attraction to the Annual Awards Banquet, the Grand Council of Guardians, Inc. will establish an Annual Scholarship Award program. The scholarship awards will provide college students with monetary assistance towards their pursuit of higher education. The board unanimously voted to implement the:

Charles B. Billups Scholarship Award

Application Submission Deadline is FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 2018

Scholarship Winners

Alanna Oshara Francis

Alanna Oshara Francis is currently a sophomore at SUNY Binghamton, in Binghamton, N.Y.  Her major is English Literature, with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Studio Art.  This nineteen year old resides with her parents and two brothers in Baldwin, N.Y.  Friends, family, reading and writing are her passions.  Alanna’s career goal is to become a published college English Professor, intent on expanding her students minds through words and creativity.