The Grand Council of Guardians, Inc.

Mission Statement 

The Grand Council of Guardians Inc. is an umbrella organization that consists of African Americans in the field of Law Enforcement, Uniform and Civilians throughout New York State.

The Grand Council of Guardians Inc. was formed in 1974 as an umbrella organization for local Law Enforcement chapters throughout New York State and to render effective service to the Community, to eliminate injustice, to actively promote accelerated entry of African Americans into law enforcement, to maintain the high standards of integrity, honor and courtesy of its members; to foster a spirit of brotherhood, benevolence, temperance and patriotism amongst them; to inculcate in them a high sense of loyalty to one another and to their duties and their government; and to accomplish this end, to conduct programs, conferences, gatherings and meetings for our members and the community we serve.


Purpose of the Council: 

  • To render effective service to our community.
  • To create a unified body of African-American law enforcement officers that will be a viable force recognized and respected by the community and government which we serve.
  • To foster camaraderie among its members and to promote friendship and cooperation among all members of the Council and the community we serve.
  • To encourage social and cultural enterprise among the members of the Council.
  • To encourage the members to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the prescribed, authorized and accepted practices and procedures of government to the end, that we will be able to serve our communities in a more courteous and efficient manner.
  • To devise and execute employment on the part of the members, therein, gaining the respect and goodwill of the people of the communities we serve.
  • To promote equal employment opportunity through appointments, assignments, and promotions.
  • To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and the State of New York, at all times.
  • To strive for excellence as African Americans in the field of law enforcement and as representatives of our communities.