Organization Annual Registration Form

We hereby apply for admission to membership of the GCG.
We hereby undertake, to be bound by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the GCG.
We also undertake to pay to the Company, the requisite joining fee and subscription and other fees applicable to membership.

  • If you prefer to not register online click here to fill in and print out the application and mail it to us.
  • Please list the name, position and email of all your delegates.
    Click the "+" icon to add additional names.
  • All affiliated organizations must submit with their application:

    1. Organization Membership Application
    2. A copy of Organization Constitution/Bylaws
    3. List of Annual Organizational Programs/Activities
  • Annual Dues

    • The Annual Dues are payable at the first meeting of each year.
    • Dues must be received by March 1st before penalty will be assessed (Bylaws Art. 6, Line D).
    • NEW Organization Dues are $300.00 upon entry (Bylaws Art. 2, Line C),
      RENEWAL Organization Dues are $200.00 each year.

    You must submit your payment via Chase QuickPay | Zelle after submitting your application.
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